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Wire Liquor Shelving

Wire Liquor Shelving

Constructed of 1/2" (13 mm) OC wire spacing with 1" (25 mm) high front truss lip and welded on brackets

Extra bracing underneath supports heavyweight merchandise, such as wine or other beverages

Tag mold is built into the construction of shelf, measuring 1 1/4"H (32 mm)

Customer-supplied signage for tag mold should measure 1.188"H (30 mm)

Load capacity 400 lbs

Wire Wine Cradel

Wire Wine Cradel

Shelf ensures corks remain wet, regardless if the cork is positioned up, or down

Positioned flat or 15 degree downtilt

13 1/4" (337 mm) Depth

Bottles can be placed top or bottom down depending on the retailer's preference

3' (914 mm) shelf can hold up to 10 wine bottles

4' (1219 mm) shelf can hold up to 14 wine bottles

Load capacity 100 lbs

Wire Potato Chip Shelf

Wire Potato Chip Shelf

The Wire Potato Chip Shelf provides an economical way to display a variety of snack products. When combined with the Wire Utility Basket, ordered separately, allows cross merchandising with dips and salsa.

The Wire Potato Chip Shelf has a load capacity of 30 lbs.

Lozier Wire Shelves

Lozier Wire Shelves

Great for large bags of Potato Chips as typically seen in a Grocery Store to display large amounts of bagged Potato Chips.

One piece wire shelf available in a 48" wide X 22" deep.

That can be positioned in either a 17 degree down slope or a flat position.

2 inch lip and price tag molding available.


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